Business Loan in chennai

When seeking a business loan in Chennai, look no further than Khannan Fin Serv, a reputables finance service company serving as a trusted business loan consultant. With a professional and client-focused approach, Khannan Fin Serv provides tailored financial solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses in Chennai.

Whether you are a startup looking for funding or an established company seeking to expand, their expertise in business loans can help you navigate the financial landscape with confidence and ease. Trust Khannan Fin Serv to guide you towards the right business loan options that align with your goals and propel your business towards success.

Unsecured Business Loan In Chennai

When seeking an unsecured business loan in Chennai, consider consulting with Khannan Fin Serv, a reputable finance service company specializing in aiding businesses with their financial needs.

As experienced business loan consultants, they can provide valuable insights and solutions tailored to your specific requirements. With their professional guidance and support, navigating the process of acquiring an unsecured business loan becomes efficient and effective, helping you achieve your business goals with confidence.

Instant Business Loan Very Urgent In Chennai

When seeking an instant business loan very urgently in Chennai, turning to reputable loan agency company such as Khannan Fin Serv can provide the necessary financial support. As a well-established loan service agency company.

Khannan Fin Serv offers timely and professional assistance to meet urgent business needs in Chennai. With their expertise in providing quick and efficient loan solutions, they can help navigate the process efficiently and effectively, ensuring that your business gets the required financial boost promptly and with professionalism.

Business Loan DSA & Agent In Chennai

Khannan Fin Serv is a reputable firm that offers business loan DSA and agent services in Chennai with the utmost professionalism. With their years of experience and expertise in the financial industry, they provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

Their team of dedicated professionals works diligently to help businesses secure the funding they need to grow and thrive. By partnering with Khannan Fin Serv, businesses in Chennai can rest assured that they are in capable hands, receiving top-notch services that are both reliable and efficient.

Mid corporates & Large corporates, Trading business, Manufacturers, Mining industries, EPC contractors and service entities are seeing opportunities to grow.

Short term and Long term basis with a minimum of 50Lakhs and maximum of infinity

Why Business Loan?

A Business loan is, no doubt, required to give a flight to your business in this competitive market. It can be required for:

* Establishing a new business
* Expanding an existing business
* Purchase of equipment and machinery loan chennai
* Maintenance of inventory
* Maintenance of liquidity
* Working capital
* Repayment of previous debts

What are the Types of Business Loans?

* Term Loans
* SBA Loans
* Business Lines of Credit
* Equipment Loans
* Invoice Financing
* Merchant Cash Advances
* Business Credit Cards
* Microloans

What is the Eligibility of Business Loan?

An individual who is willing to avail the business loan must fulfil specific criteria. These eligibility criteria may vary, and it all depends on the banks. Some of the common eligibility criteria are:

* The company should be private limited or partnership firm.
* The loan should be at least 21 years old.
* The business should be stable and profitable for at least two consecutive years.
* The annual income or turnover of the business should be at least Rs 40 lakhs.
* The balance sheet should be audited by a CA.

What are the Documents Required for Business Loan?

* Address proof
* Identity proof
* Business proof and proof of continuation
* PAN card
* Last three years audited financials
* ITR of last one year
* Sales tax returns of 3 years
* Other documents required by the bank.

What is the Repayment Period?

The repayment period of loan depends on its tenure and EMI. The long-term loans can run up to 20 years while short-term loans can be repaid within months to a year from the date of sanctioning.

What are the Interest Rates?

The rate of interests is different for each bank. Each bank has its criteria for interest rates. The banks also levy processing charges along with these interest rates.

Many other banks plus other financing institutions also give business loan. You just need to follow the above-mentioned information to get business loan.

Loan against Property

Loan against property Documents. UPTO RS 40 Lakhs , No Financials required.

Documents Needed for the loan are :
1. No Bank Statement
2. No Income Tax Returns
3. Property Documents
4. Address proof and Identity proof for KYC

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